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Hansol Logistics'
Declaration of Human Rights

Hansol Logistics' Declaration of Human Rights


Hansol Logistics' mission is to secure a competitive advantage through differentiation and realize maximum value through this, and continue to grow with customers. In addition, we respect the human rights of stakeholders, including executives and employees, and strive to practice human rights management.

Hansol Logistics supports international human rights principles such as UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization Declaration, and complies with national laws that reflect them.

Hansol Logistics will try to prevent and eliminate human rights violations in advance, and will do its best to respond quickly to human rights violations and fundamentally solve related problems.

The application of this Declaration of Human Rights Management includes the headquarters of Hansol Logistics, as well as affiliates and their members. Furthermore, business partners and users of services are encouraged to understand and practice Hansol Logistics' human rights management principles.

1st, Working Environment without Discrimination

- Hansol Logistics offers a non-discriminatory working environment based on origin, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, beliefs, religion, age, disability, etc. Respect the personality of the members and treat them fairly and reasonably according to their competence and performance.

2nd, Prohibition of Forced Labor

- Hansol Logistics does not force employees to work against their free will through mental or physical restraint. Observe labor-related laws, comply with regulations related to overtime and holidays, and do not force you to work beyond regular working hours.

3rd, Prohibition of Child Labor

- Hansol Logistics prohibits child labor in principle. In addition, combustion workers are not put into dangerous work in terms of safety and health.

4th, Industrial Safety Security

- Hansol Logistics maintains a system for the safety and health of all members, conducts training regularly, and complies with laws and internal regulations related to safety/health/working hours, etc.

5th, Ensuring Environmental Rights

- Hansol Logistics aims for a world where we can share a better future. We will think about solving social issues that may occur now or in the future, and we will try to practice eco-friendly activities and contribute to improving and maintaining the environment.

6th, Protecting Consumer Rights

- Hansol Logistics will strive to create a safe and convenient environment for all users to use the technologies, services, and products it provides.

- Personal Information Protection : Hansol Logistics requests, records, and stores only information corresponding to the law for users' personal information. We will manage the security system so that the collected personal information is not leaked to the outside world.

- Provision of Information to Third Parties : User information is not provided to third parties. However, it is excluded if there is the consent of the user or if it is permitted by law.

Process for Receiving & Handling

Hansol Logistics operates a "red whistle" that allows stakeholders to deliver issues that may infringe on human rights. When receiving a report, we will deliver it to the relevant department according to the characteristics of the case and do our best to quickly come up with a solution according to internal procedures and inform the informant of the results.

Reception Desk

① Human Rights Management Officer : +82-2-3287-7391

② Risk Management Team : +82-2-3287-7249

③ Company Address : 22nd floor, (Pine Avenue Building B, Euljiro2-ga), 100, Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

④ Online Reception Desk : Red Whistle Helpline (☞ Direct)

* The contents of the report and the status of the informant are thoroughly protected so that the informant can report with confidence.