Hansol Logistics is leaping forward to become the leading Comprehensive Logistics Company



Hansol Logistics CI represents our Evergreen Thoughts, Evergreen Challenges, and Evergreen Creativity.

Hansol Logistic's word mark is composed of Hansol's English notation representing Hansol's willness to be the world's best company via diversification internationalization, and two rectangles. These rectangles represent Hansol's basic posture that connects nature and human beings, which the upper blue representing the sky, humanity, and the future, and the lower green representing the land, nature, and the present. This defines Hansol's willness to take the role of the bridge from the incompleteness of land, nature, and the present to the utopia of the sky, humanity, and the future.


Hansol Logistics Corporate Symbol is the key element in Hansol Logistics Corporate Branding which is used for all media that represents Hansol Logistics, and it plays an important role in conveying corporate image. Thus its form and color must be preserved as much as possible, and the minimum size rule for the corporate symbol was set with consideration of the reproducibility of the symbol; it is prohibited to use the symbol with a smaller size than the minimum size.

Color System

  • C: 100% M:40%

    Hansol Blue

    PMS 300C

  • C: 100% Y:100%

    Hansol Green

    PMS 334C

  • K: 80%

    Hansol Gray

    PMS 425C

  • K: 30%

    Hansol Light Gray

    PMS 425C

  • K: 5%

    Hansol Cool Gray