Hansol Logistics is leaping forward to become the leading Comprehensive Logistics Company

CEO's Message

We leap into a Global TPL Company
that opens a new horizon of logistics

We sincerely thank you for visiting Hansol Logistics website.

Since its foundation in 1994, Hansol Logistics has grown into a comprehensive logistics company representing Korea by expanding its logistics business to various industrial areas such as electricity & electronics, chemicals, clothing, wholesale & retail, etc based on the nation’s best paper logistics capabilities. We have put our effort into the growth and value creation of customers through continuous innovation.

Hansol Logistics has secured competitiveness differentiation in various logistics areas such as container, truck, rail transport, import/export logistics, W&D, and logistics consulting through specialized operation know-how by industry, pre-planning capability, and infrastructure secured at major bases. Based on proven experience and know-how in the market, we have a global network of major bases in the US, Europe, and Asia, which provide specialized logistics services.

In the field of logistics IT, we design optimized process for our customers SCM, establish a real-time monitoring system, and conduct customer-tailored logistics information management.

Hansol Logistics will not be satisfied here, but take another step forward to maximize customer service and corporate value.

We will make a groundbreaking leap forward as a global comprehensive logistics company that can provide differentiated services to the world by establishing a mid-to-long term growth foundation for the TPL business at home and abroad, continuously expanding our global network to Europe, etc, and reinforcing the container transport and W&D business.

In addition, while focusing on substantial management with customer value as the top priority, we will discover new power for development that enable sustainable growth to give greater customer satisfaction and strive to become a trusted company.

We sincerely hope for the interest and support from our customers.

CEO, Hansol Logistics
Hwang Gyu-ho