Hansol Logistics, conducting ESG activities to fulfill Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibilities

Social Responsibility


Hansol Logistics'
Quality Management System


To realize quality management and continuous improvement of the system, Hansol Logistics operates our own cycle of business management / client management / supply management / production (distribution) management / performance assessment and improvement

Performance assessment and improvement
  • Drawing and applying an improvement plan after Performance assessment.
    (Goal Achievement Rate / Responding to Claims / Safety Management / Security Management System)
Production(Logistics) Management
  • Stock Accuracy Management
  • Transport/Delivery Claim Management
  • Due Date Compliance Rate Management
  • Error and Omission Management
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Business Management
  • Setting Quality Management Goals
    (Sales revenue / Ordinary Income / Market Share Rate / Number of Safety Accidents / Connection to Rate of Sales Cost Key Performance Indicator (KPI))
Client Management
  • Major risk management (e.g. delay of due date)
  • Client requirements review management
  • Client complaints reception and processing
Supply Management
  • Risk Management for Internal and External Issues
  • Partners Assessment and Management