Hansol Logistics, conducting ESG activities to fulfill Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibilities

Environmental Management


Hansol Logistics'
Environmental Policies and Goals


In order to ensure that all environmental impacts associated with the development, production, transportation, sales and service activities of the product are within the limits of relevant laws and regulations in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, we will comply with the following clauses.

  • 1. Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection

    Taking environmental effects occur from development, design stage to production, transportation and disposal, we will lead the environmental protection by minimizing environmental load and amount of substances that affect the environment.

  • 2. Compliance of Environmental Obligation

    We thoroughly comply with the environmental regulations that apply directly to production and transportation processes, requirements of stakeholders, customers and etc.

  • 3. Continuous improvement of Environmental management System

    We will continue to carry out enivronmetal improvement activities by understanding environmental impacts that are caused by purchasing raw materials, prooduction, transportation, and disposal through Life Cycle Assesment(LCA)

  • 4. Foundation of Environmenttal Goals

    We will encourage our members to set and practice achievable environmental goals by sharing our environmental policies.

  • 5. Public Environmental Management

    Disclose environmental policies and management information to interested parties to induce active participation and practice transparent environmental management.

Jan. 2nd, 2024

Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.

CEO, Gyu-Ho Hwang

Promotion Goals

For settlement and continuous development of environmental management system, Hansol Logistics thoroughly manage the usage and emissions of resources and actively operate environmental management system.

  • Efficient
    Use of Resources

    Reduction of resource usage such as electricity and paper through efficient use of resources

  • Minimization of Pollutant

    Reducing generation of waste paper and general waste by mimizing pollutatnts

  • Environmental Management

    Continuous advancement of environmental management system through fulfillment and strengthening awareness education of environmental management


As an effort to achieve our vision of “Customers are satisfied with 1st SCM Solution Provider”, we comply with following principles during purchasing activities to fulfill our responsibility to our customers and as members of society through Green Procurement activites.

    • For all purchasing activities, we comply with laws and regulations and fulfill our social responsibility for environmental protection.
    • For all purchasing activities, we make continuous efforts to discover suplliers which provide eco-friendly products and services and comply with environmental laws and regulations.
    • For all purchasing activities, they should be determined in consideration of eco-friendly proudcts and services besides quality and price.
    • For all purchasing activities, we prioritize excellent suppliers which make efforts on quality, service and compliance with environmental laws and regulations through regular supplier evaluations.