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Guidelines for Transporting Hazardous Chemicals

Guidelines for Transporting Hazardous Chemicals


We (Hansol Logistics) pledge to thoroughly comply with the following items during the work of the hazardous chemicals in the workplace and the center.

  • 1. If permitted hazardous chemical items are added or the capacity of the transport facility increases, the change permission is reported.

  • 2. If the name of the workplace, the location of the office, or the representative or transport vehicle changes, the permission to change shall be reported.

  • 3. Maintain and manage handling facilities, take safety accident prevention measures, and keep disaster prevention equipment.

  • 4. When handling hazardous chemicals, wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • 5. When transporting hazardous chemicals, prepare and submit a transportation plan.

  • 6. Complies with the standards for labeling hazardous chemicals in handling facilities, etc.

  • 7. The installation and regular inspection shall be carried out within the specified period and the results shall be submitted to the local environmental agency.

  • 8. Check handling facilities and equipment at least once a week and record and keep the results for 5 years.

  • 9. Report the appointment and dismissal of a hazardous chemical manager.

  • 10. Complete periodic safety training such as hazardous chemical management, handling personnel, and workers.

  • 11. Report the performance of transportation of hazardous chemicals every year.

  • 12. In the event of a chemical accident, report it immediately to the local environmental agency or related agencies and take measures to minimize and restore the damage.

We fully aware of the contents of this Hazardous Chemical Transportation Guide and In the event of failure to comply with the instructions or a complaint from the customer, we pledge to comply with all follow-up actions under this penal provisions and not to raise any objections.

July 5th, 2023

Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.

CEO,Gyu-Ho Hwang