Hansol Logistics, conducting ESG activities to fulfill Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibilities

Social Responsibility


Hansol Logistics'
Safety & Health Management Activity

Safety & Health
Organization Chart

To realize zero hazard record, Hansol Logistics operate the following health and safety organization under CSO. And the safety managers dispatched to each base is conducting safety and health assessment and prevention activities that suit the workplace characteristics.


Safety & Health

Hansol Logistics operates a safety management system to realize safety management and continuous improvement.

Key Checkpoints

  • Appropriateness assessment and execution plan implementation inspection for Safety and Health Policy/Goal

  • Results of Chief Safety and health officer and supervisor's performance assessment

  • Harmful Factor Discovery and Results of Improvement Activities

  • The result of the opinion collection procedure from the workers

  • Appropriate contractor Selection Assessment and Selection Inspection Result of subcontract/service/trust

  • Results of inspection about safety and health management fee payment for subcontract/service/trust

  • Results of Preparation and education training inspection for emergencies.

  • Execution results of Safety and Health Education

  • Result of Safety and Health-Related Legislation Adherence Assessment

  • Results of budget execution on Safety and Health