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Digital Truck Transportation


Digital Trucking Solution with direct dispatch in nationwide

Hansol Logistics provides customized services to clients by securing lower transportation costs
through ABT (App. Based Transportation) solutions enabling direct dispatch, vehicle allocation capabilities.


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    Nationwide Trucking Network

    • 15 transportation points nationwide which provide trucking services for all regions
    • Professional dispatcher at each transportation points to dispatch and monitor vehicles in real-time
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    Digital-based Direct Dispatch Services

    • Our own Digital Trucking System based on references in many kinds of products and industries
    • Saving costs & time by using efficiently our own system and database
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    Abundant Transportation Resources in Availables

    • Operating approx. 2,500 vehicles per day by utilizing dedicated vehicles and partner pool
    • 100% direct dispatch by professional dispatchers
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    Client support for Digital Trucking Operation

    • Digitalization of trucking in considering of specific customers' requirements
    • Real-time communication and monitoring system through Web & App

Offering services

With Hansol Logistics' digital trucking system, we provide stable services to our customers.

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Logismile, the Leader of Logistics 4.0 (Logistics Innovation)
  • We will resolve the Consignor / Carrier / Truck owner’s concerns in Freight Transportation.

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