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Global Logistics


Specialized 3PL Solution utilizing global networks

Hansol Logistics provides comprehensive 3PL services such as transportation, warehousing, customs clearance
through global networks, industrial specialists and massive volumes.


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    3PL Services utilizing the global networks from various countries

    • Global networks with 20 offices in 7 main countries
    • One-stop international logistics services such as shipping, customs clearance, inland transportation etc.
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    Competitivenss in forwarding services based on substantial volumes

    • Offering competitive freight rates based on shipments more than 3M tons per year
    • Multimodal Transport Services combined with Sea & Air & Rail
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    Operation experts well-acquainted with the characteristics of each industry and country

    • Broad experiences of various industries, such as EV batteries, electronics, automotive parts, chemical, etc.
    • Forwarding operational team with good communication with customers
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    SCM Consulting company, for specific customer’s requirements

    • Sophisticated services designed for Low-cost & High-quality
    • Providing specific plans for global logistics operation with expertise in diverse industries

Offering Services

Based on the global logistics networks and massive handling volumes, we provide 3PL services including overseas-domestic logistics solution by country and industry.

  • 1. Sea & Air Forwarding

    Safely transport all types of freights such as general, heavy, special cargo by container, bulk and pallet in considering of each shipment characteristics

  • 2. Manufacturing Equipment Transport Service

    On the basis of diverse references specialized in various facilities and manufacturing equipment, we offer end-to-end services such as documentation, packaging, shipping, and etc.

  • 3. Multimodal Transport Service

    Providing various Sea & Air transport solutions customized to freight characteristics and lead time.

  • 4. SCM Consulting

    Providing consulting services for optimal route design, process innovation, cost analysis and etc.


Consulting Services Departments Contacts E-mail
EV Batteries Global KAM Team +82-2-3287-7398
Chemical · Auto Parts SALES1 Team +82-2-3287-7317
Electricity · Electronics · EV Batteries · Auto Parts SALES2 Team +82-2-3287-7480


Foreign Branches Contacts E-mail
USA Corporation +1-714-594-5073
USA JV +1-619-710-1730
Shanghai Corporation +82-2-3287-7806
Tianjin Corporation +82-2-3287-7806
Hongkong Corporation +82-2-3287-7819
India Corporation +91-98-1086-8518
Malaysia Corporation +82-2-3287-7491
Vietnam Corporation +82-2-3287-7499
Hungary Corporation +82-2-3287-7271
Poland Corporation +82-2-3287-7346