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Warehouse & Distribution


Total W&D solution

Hansol Logistics provides efficient W&D (Warehouse & Distribution) services through Logistics Information Systems
such as OMS, WMS, and TMS, as well as on-offline delivery services, storage and etc.


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Fashion/Accessories W&D

  • Exclusive operation capability obtained by managing top-tier fashion companies for a long period
  • Sourcing and management competencies to handle volumes of 25 million PCS per year
  • Huge distribution centers around capital region that can provide optimal one-stop logistics services to fashion/accessories companies
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Distribution/Wholesale/Retail W&D

  • Capabilies of providing cost-saving logistics services to a variety of customers through integrated operations
  • Planning operation process and managing service quality according to customers’ needs
  • Flexible service operation despite fluctuation of volumes
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Paper W&D

  • Leading logistics company with expertise in paper industry (Hansol Paper)
  • Inventory management system and transportation networks with a deep understanding of paper industry
  • Logistics center in capital area considering the needs of seller and buyer
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EV Batteries W&D

  • Specialized for EV Batteries with Inventory management system, well-organized infrastructure, consuliting competency, and etc.
  • Preventing risks through environment & safety management
  • Securing logistics resources in response to the increasing volumes following market growth

Offering Services

We provide total W&D solutions with specialists and large distribution centers

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Fashion · Distribution Hansol Logisyou 3PL Business 1 +82-2-6426-4308
EV Batteries · Paper Hansol Logisyou 3PL Business 2 +82-2-6426-4315
Terminal Operation Department +82-41-566-5818