Hansol Logistics is leaping forward to become the leading Comprehensive Logistics Company

About Us


We provide a Comprehensive logistics Service
Innovates the Client's Supply Chain.

With logistics techniques accumulated through long experience and professional consulting capabilities,
we offer a one-stop service that creates added value and enhances global competency for customers.

As a SCM Integrator we will grow to be a customer-oriented SCM partner by establishing transportation points not only domestically,
but also in major overseas regions. We will also perform as a global SCM Provider through strategic alliances with leading logistics companies.

Hansol Logistics


  • Company Name
    Hansol Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Group
    Hansol Group
  • HQ Location
    22nd floor, (Pine Avenue Building B, Euljiro2-ga), 100, Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • CEO
    Gyu-Ho, Hwang
  • Establishment Date
  • Total Capital (’22)
    KRW 102.5B
  • Total Assets (’22)
    KRW 274.5B
  • Sales (’22)
    KRW 1,015.4B


Achieve competitive advantages through differentiation,
implement maximum value and commit to sustainable development with customers.

mission 이미지


    Customers are satisfied with 1st SCM Solution Provider

  • (2024)1.2Tn Sales
  • 4x Market Value Growth
vision 이미지
원칙 이미지
Hansol Logistics' Principle

Organizational Principle

Business Principle

  • Customer Oriented : We think what customers think.
  • New Value : New values will shape the future.
  • Better Method : Better methods represent our way of operation.
  • Competitive Advantage through Differentiation : Differentiated competitive advantages is our survival strategy.

Organization Principle

  • Immersion : Focus and sense of unity for better results
  • Transparency : Sharing of procedures and results
  • Speed : Agility based on simplicity and substantiality
  • Respect : Respectful Appreciation for Each Other