Hansol Logistics, conducting ESG activities to fulfill Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibilities

ESG Performance


Hansol Logistics ESG performance & ESG Assessment Rating Result of KCGS

ESG Assessment Rating Result

Category 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
ESG Rating B B+ B+ B+ B Below B
Environment (E) C C B B B Below B
Society (S) B+ A B+ B+ B+ Below B
Governance (G) B+ B+ B+ A B B

Each year is the financial year of the assessment subject. (Refer to for more details)

Differences from Corporate Governance Model Standards

Recommendations of the Best Practices Implementation Details
Introduction of Ethical Regulation for Employees Implementation (Participating in Group Ethical Management of Ethics)
Concentrated Vote System Excluded from the Articles of Association
Introduction of Voting in Writing Not Implemented
Requirements of the Composition of the Board of Directors Composition of 2 External Directors
Composition of the Compensation Committee Not Implemented
Composition of the Recommendation Committee Not Implemented
Composition of the Audit Committee Implementation (2 External Auditor and 1 Executive Director)
Introduction of Regulation on Operation and Roles of the Board of Directors and Committees Implementation (Board of Directors Regulation)
Acquiring Liability Claim for Damages Insurance for Directors Signed in with company fund
Public Announcement of Activity Details of the Board of Directors and Committees Public Announcement of Activity Details and Agenda decisions
Public Announcement of Governance Assessment Rating Published on the webpage
Explanation of Differences from Best Practices of Corporate Governance Published on the webpage
Independence of External Audits Direct report on the Audit Committee on Major Agenda

2023 Sustainability Report

Through enterprise-wide systematic ESG activities,
Hansol Logistics, which fulfills its Environmental, Social, and Economic responsibilities.
For smooth communication with stakeholders, we published a Sustainability Report.