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Logistics Inquiry


It is a Communication Window
prepared for Clients.

What is logistics inquiry?

This is a Communication Channel for customers who want to inquire or consult about TPL logistics in various industries such as Electricity·Electronics, Wholesale and Retail Distribution, Clothing, Plant & Project, Chemistry, Papers·Wood.

Logistics Consultancy Service

Business Area Consultant Service Department Contact E-mail
Global Logistics Electricity · Electronics KAM1 Team +82-2-3287-7490
Secondary Batteries KAM2 Team +82-2-3287-7398
Chemical · Auto Parts SALES1 Team +82-2-3287-7317
Secondary Batteries · Auto Parts SALES2 Team +82-2-3287-7480
Digital Truck Transportation Capital Region Logismile Capital Area Branch Office +82-2-3287-7312
Central · Honam Region Logismile Sales Manager +82-63-910-9955
Youngnam Region Logismile Sales Manager +82-63-910-9955
Container Transportation Capital Region International Logistics Sales Team 1 +82-2-3287-7318
Central · Honam Region International Logistics Sales Team 2 +82-70-4917-6793
Youngnam Region International Logistics Sales Team 3 +82-51-441-6469
W&D Fashion · Distribution Hansol Logisyou 3PL Business 1 +82-2-6426-4308
Secondary Batteries · Papers Hansol Logisyou 3PL Business 2 +82-2-6426-4315
Port Operation Gusan Branch +82-63-467-4377
Logistics Consulting Global Logistics Global Business Planning Team +82-2-3287-7272
Digital Truck Transportation Logismile Strategy Operation Team +82-70-4228-2162
Container Transportation Container Logistics Planning Team +82-2-3287-7257
W&D Hansol Logisyou Business Strategy Team +82-2-6426-4312